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Sanya >> Sanya Butterfly Valley

Attraction Typ: Amusement Park
Location: about 30 km from city
Recommend: 4 Star

Sanya Butterfly Valley

Sanya Butterfly Valley is the first large-scale net type butterfly garden in China.

Sanya Butterfly Valley (Chinese: 蝴蝶谷; pinyin: Húdiégǔ) is the first large-scale net type butterfly garden in China, occupying a total area of 1,500 square meters.
Located near Longtan Lakes in the stunning Yalong Bay of Sanya, the Butterfly Valley is filled with vibrant colors butterflies flying around. It is a botanical garden scenic site that merges the popular science, butterflies exhibition and shopping into an organic whole.

It has a large scale butterfly specimen displaying hall of 300 square meters, which displays of hundred of different kinds of butterflies and insects from all over the world. The valley also displays some of China's most rare and precious butterflies, including Peking Papilio. Besides the marvelors' specimens in the hall, you can also be able to interact closely with the butterflies in the open air flight cage.

The bridges, clear streams, glen, various kinds of flowers and the flying colorful butterflies as well as the original vegetations make the Butterfly Valley a natural and tranquil Xanadu.


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